Long Form Application

Dear Families,

After submitting the short form application and submitting $150, the next step in the Regina Mater application process is to complete the Long Form Application. This collection of forms will allow us to get to know your family and children better.

The Long Form Application consists of the following forms to complete online. All responses are encrypted and secure.

  1. Family Survey (per family)
  2. Student Questionnaire (per child)
  3. Developmental Survey (per child)
  4. Reflection on the Golden Teacher (per family)

In addition, we ask for the following to be mailed or scanned & emailed to our Office:

  • [ONLINE] Confidential Teacher Questionnaire (per child)—grades 5 and higher only
    • This may be filled out by a teacher or leader in contact with your child
  • Birth Certificate (per child)
  • Report Card (per child)—for students entering from traditional school
  • Records of psychological or educational testing

Please note: all information and materials gathered during the admissions process are kept strictly confidential. All application forms and documents are the property of Regina Mater and will not be returned.

Once we have received these forms we will contact you to schedule a Home Visit. At this home visit we hope to get to know your family and discuss more information about Regina Mater such as books, uniforms, and supplies. After your home visit, a Letter of Acceptance and an Enrollment Contact will be sent for signature. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 512-524-1799 or email.

May the Lord bless you and your family!

In Christ,

Jarin Schiavolin
Executive Director